Students will never be forced to spar with anyone. At any time before or during a match or round, students may, without reservation, bow out of the match by indicating to both the training partner and the instructor that you do not care to participate.




All students are subject to the rules of free sparring and point sparring. Failure to adhere to these rules is cause for dismissal and termination of the membership agreement. Absolutely no exceptions are permitted to the sparring rules.

​Sparring is undertaken at members-own risk and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the membership agreement.
2.Approved safety equipment must be used at all times. The following safety equipment is required: protective footwear, protective hand wear, head guard, shin guards, mouth guard, groin guard (men only), and chest protectors. All equipment must be either red or white, and all students are required to have full safety equipment to attend class.
3.Sparring is allowed only in the presence, and with the permission, of an instructor.
4.Sparring is LIGHT CONTACT only. It is important to remember that members are training partners and not opponents. Techniques to the head guard are to be made only with a controlled light tapping, sufficient to indicate a point but insufficient to cause the recipient's head to move in any way.  Head contact is only allowed by Black Belts over the age of 12.
5.No full-contact sparring will take place under any circumstances.
6.Point sparring consists of rounds lasting between one and two minutes, or by the accumulation of five to ten points. Points are awarded in the following manner:
 Controlled hand technique: One point 
Controlled kick to the body: Two points 
Controlled kick to the head: Three points
7.Free sparring consists of one or a series of rounds performed in a nonstop manner. The purpose of free sparring is to build confidence and improve skills.

You learn to control your anger. And if you control your anger you can think clearly and you are less likely to act rashly and do things you later regret.
You learn to control your ego. When you get beaten you realize there's lots you don't know. And once you drop your ego you are open to learning new things.
And so you learn humility. And you get a realistic handle on your own importance- which is nice for everyone around you!

What is Sparring?

First, sparring is not fighting.  Sparring is practicing your kicking, blocking and footwork techiques in a safe and controlled environment.  Without training, in the face of physical attack, most people usually either freeze or panic.

[taekwondo sparring benefits self confidence]
One of the great taekwondo sparring benefits is that through training you learn to stay calm under pressure.
To focus your mind.
And to use your techniques effectively...and with self control.

You learn to control your fear- so your self confidence builds and you find it easier to face new challenges in life.