Attendance Policy

Students should attend two curriculum classes each week. If a student misses any classes, they may make them up by attending an extra weekly curriculum class.  Please see the class schedule to see which classes are appropriate for your rank level. Students must make up missed classes within one month of missing.  Students may not attend classes which are not at their belt level or age.  If you are unsure which class is best for you please see Master or Mrs. Yoo.

Holidays and Closures
White Tiger Martial Arts is closed for all National Holidays and Halloween.  We are closed for Winter Break (Everett School District), One week for Spring Break (Everett SD Calendar) and one week in the summer.  Please see our Calendar Page for closures.  Tuition is not subject to adjustment for closures.  Our tuition is a pro-rated price over the year and our curriculum schedule has the holidays accounted for.

Class Arrival/Departure
Students are expected to arrive on time, please check the Class Schedule Page.  Students should no arrive more than 10 minutes prior to their class.  We do not have supervision for Students who are not in class.  Any student later than 10 minutes for the start of class will not be permitted to attend but may watch.  Students must be picked up no later than 10 minutes after the completion of their class and the parent must come in and get them.  White Tiger Martial Arts bears no responsibility for the welfare of the student before or after their class time.

Class Viewing Etiquette

  • Parents are encouraged to stay and watch their children
  • Keep talking voices low
  • No Cell phone use in the taekwondo school
  • No eating in the Taekwondo school
  • The only  beverage allowed is water


Tuition and Renewal Policies
Please refer to your signed copy of your Membership Agreement provided at enrollment for your specific program term, tuition rate, renewal date, and method of payment. The following are general policies:

Tuition Policy
We do not offer refunds on programs purchased. We do not offer pro-rations for tuition for classes missed. We do not offer refunds on tuition already paid.  However you may freeze your membership for limited durations by filling out a Membership Vacation Leave prior to the absence. Please see below and read the "Membership Vacation Leave" for addition details and limitations. All payment for your program is due regardless of attendance.

Membership Cancelation
Account Cancellations are done if they are for one of the following reasons:

  •  Relocation which takes you 25 miles or more away from the school. This requires 30 days advanced written notice and a written proof of the relocation, such as a lease, utility bill or drivers license.
  •   Health Concerns, this would be a written confirmation from a physician (Medical Doctor) that you are permanently disabled and unable to continue.
  • If you are enrolled for One Year program you may cancel with 30 days written notice and by paying a 50% cancellation fee of the remaining balance on your account.
  • If you are enrolled in our Monthly program you may cancel with a 30 days notice.
  •  If a uniform was received with the Membership, and the membership is cancelled prior to the term, the uniform must be paid for at full retail price.
  • A student may be excused from being a student from White Tiger Martial Arts at any time at Master Yoo's discretion.  At this time the membership would be cancelled immediately.

Class Leave Credit: If your schedule requires that you take time off (up to 1 month) from your Tae Kwon Do class before the completion of your one year membership, you must notify White Tiger Martial Arts by submitting a Membership Vacation Leave in advance of the month you are to be away in order to receive credit for days missed. Payment of the absent month(s) will be made as usual. However, a credit for the month missed will be applied to the end of the program term.  

Terms & Conditions for class credit

  1.    A maximum of 1 month may be frozen on a one year program.
  2.    Payment of tuition is due while student is away to receive credit for missed time.
  3.   Student may opt for taking extra classes rather than receiving credit.

 Credit will only be applied if the Class Leave Notice form is provided before the leave.
You may download the Membership Vacation Leave Notice here to fill out and return to office.  Please click on the link below and the form will open up and you may print the PDF file.
Membership Class Leave Notice

School Policies