MEMBERSHIPS:  We offer both monthly and annual memberships.  All students should attend 2 classes per week Monday through Friday for curriculum training in preparation for quarterly testing.  Once a student reaches Jr.Green belt, usually 6 months, they may also attend sparring class, there is no additional charge for this class.

CURRICULUM CLASSES:  Our classes Monday through Thursday are 45 minutes in length, Friday classes are 40 minutes as they tend to be much small classes.  We begin with a light warm-up and stretching.  Each class we practice our forms (poomsae), kicking combinations, self-defense and breaking techniques.  We usually close our classes with a high intensity aerobic workout and then finish with sit-ups and push-ups.  We operate on a rotating curriculum which enables us to focus on one level of curriculum for each class (i.e. belt color level).

FAMILY TRAINING TOGETHER:  We have many parents who train with their children.  They find this to be a very rewarding experience.  Not only learning a skill together, but helping each other as well.  This opens up many opportunities for dialogue between parent and child; strengthening the bond and relationship as a family. Children also have an opportunity to help their parents which builds their confidence as well.  Our motto is " The family that kicks together, sticks together!"   We offer generous family discounts, for multiple children and parents joining with their children.  See our testimonials to read from some parents who have trained with their children at our school.

SPARRING:  There is no charge for this class although sparring gear is required.  See class schedule for sparring class time. Sparring class is a high aerobic work out and building the students stamina as well as focus. Sparring class is an opportunity to practice the kicks and movements we learn and learn how to put them into practical use in a safe environment.  We practice Olympic style sparring and all students are required to wear sparring gear.  (See our page about Sparring for more details on this aspect of Taekwondo).  

DEMO TEAM:  Demonstration Team practices are closed - no observation.  Our team practices every Saturday from 8:30-10:30 September through July.  New members are invited by Master Yoo to tryout for the team on an annual basis.

Our Demo Team has many performances during the year, Mill Creek Festival Community Stage, Washington Open Demo Team Competition 2014 (winner), WCMA Open in Camas Demo Team Competition 2015 (winner) as well as several Opening Ceremonies for Pac NW Tournament, the half-time show for the Harlem Globetrotters in 2015, plus all White Tiger Belt Ceremonies and parties.  Our Demo Team won 1st place at the U.S. Open Hanmadang in Colorado this past summer (2020). See our Demo Team page to enjoy a videos of performances we have done.