Master Certification

.6th Degree Dan

Master and Mrs. Yoo have 3 adult children (Medical Doctor, Boeing Engineer and Biologist) who all trained under them and are Black Belts in Taekwondo.  Master and Mrs. Yoo believe strongly in the character building that Taekwondo gives to children, helping them to develop physically and mentally enabling them to achieve their ultimate goals in life.   The combination of discipline, physical work, goal setting and achievement is an immeasurable value for each student.  Master and Mrs. Yoo take each student in as a child of their own, helping them to develop to become the best version of themselves.

Master Yoo & Mrs. Yoo

Master Yoo is a Seventh-Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo trained in South Korea, the homeland of Taekwondo.  Beginning his training at the age of 6 and continuing his training by attending the prestigious Martial Arts University of Yong-In majoring in Sport Science in Taekwondo. 

Master Yoo has been a Kukkiwon certified Master Instructor since 1994, he is also trained as an international referee and has experience coaching at the State and National levels. Master Yoo has more than 40 years of training experience and more than 25 years of teaching experience. 

Master Yoo has coached at Jr Olympics and Senior Nationals. 

Master Yoo teaches traditional WTF Taekwondo with traditional values and customs.  With his focus on teaching beginning with discipline and respect, the core tenants of Taekwondo.  If you want to experience true Taekwondo training with a true Master of the Art we invite you to attend our classes.

Mrs. Yoo is a 3rd degree Black Belt with 22 years of Taekwondo experience.  Mrs. Yoo assists in teaching as well as managing the office.  Mrs. Yoo was Secretary General of Washington State USTU 2003; Co-President of WA TKD Boosters, 2001-2002;  Co-Manager of the NCTA Championship in 2003.
Instructor Kim is a 3rd degree black belt and and began his training with Master Yoo when we first opened in 2006.  He is a full-time instructor and been instructing here for 5 years. He is the captain of our Demonstration Team. 

Instructor Baniaga (AJ) is a 4th degree black belt and has been training with Master Yoo since 2007.  He is a full-time instructor and has been instructing here for 2 years.  He is a Demo Team co-captain.
We have several Jr. Instructors who assist in class part-time, all are 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Degree Black Belts.  All of our instructors and black belts are registered through the Kukkiwon in Korea.