How to get started at White Tiger Martial Arts

We start new students quarterly in our Trial Session.  The Trial Session is two weeks in length with 5 classes total. The first class is held on a Saturday morning and is only for students whose first day it is with us.  This gives us an opportunity to go over new techniques slowly in a comfortable environment.

For the two weeks after the initial class new students attend two curriculum classes, their choice of time either Monday/Wednesday at 4:55 or Tuesday/Thursday @ 6:35.  During those two weeks, they are taught several stances, kicks, begin to understand the format of class and the expectations of Master Yoo.

At the completion of the Trial Session students can earn their White Belt by demonstrating respect and courtesy during class as well as learning the first 3 Home Rules and trying their best!

We limit the number of new students each month ensuring that our classes do not become over crowded.  So if the current quarter is full, we do begin registering students for the next quarter.  So if you are interested it is best to get yourself registered as soon as possible.  We do require a one-on-one meeting with Mrs. Yoo prior to registering.  We like to have the opportunity to talk with the future students, explain class structure and expectations; this is also an opportunity for them to ask questions about Taekwondo and classes.  Starting something new like Taekwondo can sometimes be a bit intimidating and usually this meeting can help put the future student at ease. This meeting can be scheduled by emailing or calling the office at 425-357-0357.

The registration form is below if you want to fill that out before meeting with Mrs. Yoo