Age 6-under:
40 Jumps
30 Sit Ups    
30 Push-ups
75 kicks
Age 7-8    
50 Jumps    
35 Sit Ups
35 Push-ups    
80 kicks
Age 9-10    
60 Jumps    
40 Sit Ups    
40 Push-ups    
85 kicks
Age 11-12
75 Jumps
45 Sit Ups    
45 Push-ups
95 kicks
Age 13-15
85 Jumps    
50 Sit Ups    
50 Push-ups    
105 kicks
Age 16-30
100 Jumps
60 Sit Ups    60 Push-ups    
110 kicks
Age 31-40
95 Jumps    50 Sit Ups    
50 Push-ups105 kicks
Age 40+
85 Jumps    45 Sit Ups    
45 Push-ups
100 kicks

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Fitness Testing

Fitness testing takes place the week after belt testing on Monday and Tuesday during regular class times.  The students are given 1 minutes to check their fitness level for side jumping, speed kicking, push-ups and sit-ups.  The students main goal is to improve from their prior fitness test.  Belt stars are also awarded for age level achievement scores which are listed below.  Each student who participates receives a Gold Star on their belt.

The students scores are kept on their attendance cards from their previous test to ensure that they can check their progress from their previous test.

YELLOW STAR: Every participant
BLUE STAR: Sit ups (1 minute)
RED STAR: Push Ups (1 minute)
GREEN STAR: Speed Kicks (1 minute)
BLACK STAR: Side Jumps (1 minute)

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