What is Testing?  

In order for students to advance to the next belt rank they must take a belt test.  These are every 3 months and are done as a group, at our school, organized by belt rank.  Belt testing teaches students to set and reach goals, a valuable skill in everyday life.  Belt testing also teaches that with intense effort, training and practicing students are rewarded with being able to demonstrate their techniques with their best effort and ability enabling them to progress forward with their goals.  New belts are earned and confidence is built.  There are fees for each belt level test.

When can a student test? 

There are several criteria for testing eligibility.  First they must attend a minimum number of classes, 16.  Also the student must show proficiency and their best effort while practicing in class.  All children must complete at minimum two (2) monthly home chore charts.  Lastly, students must have good behavior reports both in Taekwondo class and from parents reflecting good behavior both at school and home - good behavior can be achieved by following our Home Rules, students are required to turn in Educator Evaluations prior to each belt test (see Testing Requirements page).  There are 4 stripes given to students in class prior to testing which are required to be earned in order to test.  Students lacking in any criteria will not be able to test.

Belt Stripes:

Yellow- Educator Evaluation from your school teacher (17 and under)  - Not for September test since no school during Summer
Black - Completion of Chore Charts (2 months children 14 and under)  
Green-Pass of Pre-test in Class

Red - Pass of Vocabulary test in class

What are students tested on?  

Physical: Taught in class

  • Poomsae (form)
  • Kicking combinations
  • Self defense techniques
  • Breaking technique (Yellow belt and higher).


  • Vocabulary study sheet for each level (check in class prior to test date, when pass receive Red Stripe)
  • Home Rules

It is extremely important that students be proficient in all areas.  

Paper Work (Yellow Belt and higher) All paperwork is located on Testing Requirements Page and is downloadable in PDF format.

  • Power Word vocabulary page for each belt level to be turned in prior to testing.   
  • Educator Evaluation sheet filled out by the students academic school teacher - this form is in reference to attitude and behavior. (1st grade and higher)
  • Chore Charts 


What are Power Words?  

These are words which were selected by Master and Mrs. Yoo for their significance in life and in developing quality character traits for a successful future. Some of those words are: Respect, Humility, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Indomitable Spirit, Trust.

Testing Expectations 

When Master Yoo is judging a belt test he is looking for specific techniques and abilities based on a students current belt level.  Master Yoo is checking to see that students are proficient in what they have learned in class.  Have they learned their curriculum properly?  How are they applying what they have learned in earlier teachings to their current techniques.  Master Yoo is also checking their hand movements, power, balance, stance, yelling and curriculum knowledge.  As students advance in rank, testing expectations also increase.  Techniques should be more accurate, powerful and aesthetically pleasing to observe.  It is expected of students to compound their previous knowledge and training with their new techniques.  Students should only bring their best to the test!